Why is Cold-Pressed Virgino the Right Choice?

The fatty acid composition of Virgino rapeseed oil is superior compared with other edible oils: as proven, the proportion between fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 is ideal, complemented with fatty acids omega-7 and omega-9. Rapeseed oil is a heart friendly choice because, of all cooking oils, it contains the lowest amout of unhealthy saturated fatty acids.

Virgino Chili Oil

Virgino Chili Oil combines premium cold-pressed Finnish rapeseed oil with natural chili. The rapeseed oil softens the natural chili flavour, making it warm and tasty without being excessively fiery.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oils

The quality and consistency of cooking oil depend greatly on the production method that is used. Compared to extraction and hot pressing, the cold-pressed method is the most gentle and natural.

Savoury muffins with Virgino rosemary oil

Use your imagination when flavouring these muffins. Why not try bacon, tomato or something savoury you have in the fridge.

The Composition of Virgino Promotes Health

The fatty acid composition of cold-pressed rapeseed oil is versatile. About 95 percent of the fatty acids are monounsaturated.

Premium cold-pressed Organic Virgino rapeseed oil

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil Organic Virgino is made from rapeseed grown on organic farms in the heart of the Finnish countryside. As with all Finnish organic products, the rapeseed we use is cultivated in a closely monitored production chain without any artificial fertilisers or pesticides.

Jumbo shrimps with Virgino chili oil

Super good and fast. Perfect as a starter with a green salad. 

Chicken skewers with Virgino garlic oil

These skewers are delicious to barbeque, fry in a pan or bake in the owen. Depending on your mood and weather.