Virgino is good for your health

terveysGood health is based on the correct kind of diet, sufficient physical exercise and positive attitude to life. The use of cold-pressed rapeseed oil affects health in many ways. It lowers cholesterol, reduces the susceptibility to cardiac arrhythmia, forestalls blood clotting, makes fats less susceptible to oxidation and have a favorable impact on one's memory, learning ability and mood.

The intake of fatty acids omega-3-and omega-6 has to be ensured with food as the body itself is unable to produce them. A couple of spoonfuls of virgino daily is enough to guarantee the intake of essential fatty acids.

Cold-pressed rapeseed oil contains more vitamins and less fatty acid oxidation products than ordinary rapeseed oil. Nor does cold-pressed oil contain harmful trans-fatty acids, which raise cholesterol levels. Virgino's health effects have been scientifically proved.