Studies of Virgino Lowering Cholesterol

Virgino is particularly focussed on university cooperation and scientific verification of its health effects.

Down with LDL Cholesterol
The collaborative study of Helsinki University Pharmacy Institute and Helsinki University Central Hospital clearly indicates that cold-pressed rapeseed oil has a moderating effect on harmful LDL cholesterol and blood clotting factors. Rapeseed oil also has a raising effect on the lecithin content of blood.

Virgino's Fatty Acid Composition is Ideal
The results achieved by Ari Palomäki's, chief medical officer, research group showed that the fatty acid composition of rapeseed oil Virgino is ideal. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil has proved to be even healthier than it was earlier thought. Intake of rapeseed oil reduces harmful fats in blood, and even a small addition of rapeseed oil in the daily diet may play an important role for one's health.

• Ari Palomäki´s study in "Lipids in Health and Disease"