Why is Cold-Pressed Virgino the Right Choice?

The fatty acid composition of Virgino rapeseed oil is superior compared with other edible oils: as proven, the proportion between fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 is ideal, complemented with fatty acids omega-7 and omega-9. Rapeseed oil is a heart friendly choice because, of all cooking oils, it contains the lowest amout of unhealthy saturated fatty acids.

Cold-pressed Virgino is good for your health because it

 • effectively reduces harmful LDL cholesterol
 • contains vitamin E, vitamin K, lecithin and ubiquinone in natural form
 • reduces the risk of blood clots and heart attacks by reducing blood clotting factors
 • increases the omega-3 fatty acid level and makes the relationship between fatty acids more beneficial

In all cooking oils, the proportion of harmful saturated fatty acids is lowest in rapeseed oil.

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You can download the fatty acid table in PDF format here »