Cold-pressed rapeseed oils


The quality and consistency of cooking oil depend greatly on the production method that is used. Compared to extraction and hot pressing, the cold-pressed method is the most gentle and natural.

Virgino rapeseed oils are produced using the cold-pressed method. The oil is extracted from specially selected rapeseed by mechanical pressing. The rapeseed is not treated chemically or subjected to high temperatures. Cold pressing saves energy and the environment, as this production method does not generate waste or emissions. The compressed seeds are used as protein feed for animals.

The gentle cold-pressed method ensures that the fatty acid composition and vitamins of the oil are preserved in their natural form. Cold-pressed Virgino oils are not processed in any way. Instead, the premium quality is guaranteed by means of strict quality control that begins with the selection of the ingredients.

Characteristics of premium cooking oils:
• Beautiful golden yellow colour
• Mildly nutty, soft flavour
• Pleasant aroma
• Clear and transparent
• Thick and full-bodied composition