Versatile cooking oils

ruoanlaittoCold-pressed Virgino is ideal for all kinds of cooking and baking. Virgino can be mixed in with yoghurt, porridge or smoothies. Cold-pressed rapeseed oil is an excellent base for marinades and salad dressings. The mild, nutty flavour goes perfectly with Finnish grains, root vegetables and berries.

Virgino also gives fish and meat dishes a rich, full-bodied flavour. Owing to its high fuming point (+210° C), Virgino is ideal for both pan frying and deep frying.

Ideal for frying
Not all cold-pressed vegetable oils are suitable for frying, as the chlorophyll particles they contain turn into carcinogenic PAH particles when burnt. Cold-pressed Virgino, on the other hand, is ideal for frying as only fully mature seeds that no longer contain chlorophyll are used in its production.

Virgino oil is a fresh product
When you buy Virgino oil, you can be sure that it is always fresh as we cold-press our oils all year round. Virgino oil is bottled within two weeks of being pressed and made available to consumers as fast as possible. The pressed oil is not shelved for long periods; instead, the raw material is stored as seeds so the oil can be pressed according to demand.

Virgino remains clear even in the cold
Virgino retains its qualities best when stored in a cool, dark place. It remains clear and fluid even in the cold. It is best to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.