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Virgino is a Brand of Good Oil


The gently cold-pressed rapeseed oil Virgino is organic inasmuch as it is not chemically treated or exposed to high temperatures. The natural lecithin, vitamins, flavonoids and fatty acid composition of the rapeseed remain unchanged in the oil. Read more »

Virgino Has Been Renewed!

New, excellent packages – familiar, high quality Virgino Oil.
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Healthy Diet

Taste and Health go Hand in Hand. With its mild, nutty taste, rapeseed oil Virgino is ideal for preparing tasty, healthy food!

For dieters

Lovely fat! By using the right type of fat, dieters need not necessarily reduce their fat intake at all, as long as they use the right kind of fat!

Make Your Heart Love Food

Compared to other cooking oils, the fatty acid composition of rapeseed oil Virgino is superior. It contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 in just the right proportion 1:2.

High-quality cold-pressed rapeseed oil is the only oil that contains fatty acid omega-3 to a significant extent and tolerates frying well.
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Eat well, feel well

The Finnish cold-pressed rapeseed oils Virgino and organic Luomu Virgino contain plenty of ingredients important for our health, such as fatty acids omega-3, vitamin E, vitamin K and ubiquinone.

The organically pressed rapeseed oil is golden yellow in color and full-bodied in structure. The mildly nutty taste of the oil makes it suitable for all cooking and baking.
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Take Exercise and Keep Fit

Physically active people need plenty of healthy, substantial food, providing the body with all the necessary nutrients. It is important for a fitness enthusiast to ensure the correct fat balance. The stricter your diet, the more essential it is that you absorb dietary fats of the right kind.